Lia Thomas ties for fifth in 200 freestyle, is ignored by competitors as she exits pool

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Competitors at the women’s swimming and diving national championships appeared to ignore controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas after she tied for fifth with a time of 143.40 in the 200-yard freestyle final.

Video taken by Fox News Digital shows Thomas exiting the pool after her disappointing finish at the women’s national championships in Atlanta, GA. As she walks away, several swimmers pass Thomas without acknowledging her to swarm another female swimmer with hugs and audible cheers.

The audience was also noticeably silent when Thomas was announced prior to the race, and when race officials announced the results.

Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer, who earlier in the week won the women’s national championship in the 500-yard freestyle has become a household name – for better or worse – over her dominance in the pool.


Thomas, who was born male, but is transitioning to female, began competing with women this year, after three years racing against men.

Critics of Thomas argue she should not be allowed to compete against women because of the biological advantages they say she has over other female swimmers. Supporters say she should be able to compete because she is transitioning and identifies as a women.  Supporters also point to the fact that Thomas is permitted to compete by the NCAA

Thomas will compete in the 100-yard freestyle on Saturday.


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