Lewis Hamilton comments on 2021 title as Max Verstappen faces cost cap decision

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The thought of being “cheated” out of his 2021 title win from Masi’s decision left Hamilton disconsolate, as he told Vanity Fair this year: “You see things start to unfold and my worst fears came alive. I was like, there’s no way they’re going to cheat me out of this. There’s no way. That won’t happen. Surely not.

“I don’t know if I can really put into words the feeling that I had. I do remember just sitting there just in disbelief. And realising I’ve got to undo my belts, I’ve got to get out of there, I’ve got to climb out of this thing, I’ve got to find the strength. I had no strength. And it was one of the toughest moments, I would say, that I’ve had in a long, long time.”

Now that he knows that there could have been two contributing factors involved in him losing the title — one more obvious than the other after it was revealed Red Bull exceeded the budget cap of £114million — few could blame Hamilton if he instructed his team to pursue the heaviest punishment possible.

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