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Let’s talk about the best sword and sorcery books


Lavie: Back in the ’60s, Michael Moorcock was publishing New Worlds Magazine, and churning out S & S stories on weekends to pay the bills. The result was the stories of Elric of Melniboné, the haunted albino with the demonic sword who is destined to kill everything he loves, now undisputed classics. They were collected in “The Stealer of Souls” (1963) and “Stormbringer” (1965). When Moorcock went looking for a name for these works, Fritz Leiber came up with “Sword and Sorcery,” at last giving it a label. Also in London at the time was Samuel Delany. He tackled the genre in his own way. “Tales of Nevèrÿon” (1978) was the first of a quartet that covers slavery, gay culture and power dynamics, and radically reinterprets and questions the ideals of sword and sorcery. Even the AIDS epidemic gets woven into the story in “Flight from Nevèrÿon” (1985).

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