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Let the people decide! Swedish MEP breaks rank to demand new referendum for ALL EU members


Sweden Democrats MEP Charlie Weimers claimed the only way to stop Brussels from gaining more powers over sovereign member states’ governments is via allowing what he calls a referendum lock, giving citizens a right to veto decisions.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Weimers said: “A referendum lock should be imposed or implemented in frugal countries so that transfers of money or transfers of new money – meaning an increase of the fee to the EU budget – together with power transfers, should be followed by a popular referendum.

“That would install a control mechanism in this whole system which would make it harder for Brussels to repeat the Corona Fund exercise for instance.”

He continued: “A referendum lock would make it impossible for a government to give away powers to Brussels without popular consent.”

The Swedish MEP argued it would work as a popular veto on future EU policies imposed arbitrarily on European citizens.

Mr Weimers, who believes that ultimately Sweden and the other three frugal countries in the EU (Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands) should leave the bloc, added that the latest attempt by Brussels to gain more powers is the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The Swedish politician teamed up with Danish People’s Party MEP Peter Kofod and Laura Huhtasaari, True Finns MEP, with a letter to their respective governments and citizens published in the Swedish daily Dagens Industri.

The trio claimed their governments “know that the citizens of their countries do not want to increase EU power further”.

Lambasting EU chiefs’ plan to push for more integration through the Conference on the Future of Europe, the three MEPs said Stefan Löfven, Mette Fredriksen and Sanna Marin know that the exercise, sold by Brussels as an opportunity to listen to European citizens’ demands, will merely serve as a trampoline for a federalist agenda.

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“This too was rejected in a referendum in Ireland but after political promises were made the Irish voted again and the transfer of power was a fact.”

Mr Weimers argued Guy Verhofstadt, one of the people in charge of the Conference and a staunch europhile, is the “ultimate proof” the aim of the conference is to facilitate the creation of the United States of Europe.

He said: “I think it says about everything that Guy Verhofstadt is one of the leading figures of this Conference.

“It’s the ultimate proof that the key goal of this Conference is to transfer more power to Brussels.

“He is the most well-known, the most fanatic advocate of the United States of Europe.

“That’s why I find a historical connection with the European Convention [on the Future of the European Union] 20 years ago with Giscard d’Estaing as the chair then, basically steering that convention the way he wanted to.

“And if you look at what Guy Verhofstadt is saying, he’s already talking about making it easier to recruit people to be part of a political class in Brussels to be above other European citizens.

“To loosen the link between natural democracy and the power in Brussels. That’s him.”

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