Leaked abortion opinion by Supreme Court adds more fuel to already raging fire of debate over Roe v. Wade

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Shock rippled out from the nation’s heart Monday night following a leaked revelation the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to ban abortion.

Politico on Monday evening published what it said was a draft opinion, written by Associate Justice Samuel Alito and supported by a majority of justices, overturning the landmark 1973 ruling establishing a constitutional right to abortion.

USA TODAY could not independently verify the draft ruling. A final decision is not expected for at least two months, and justices could change their minds and rule differently, regardless of what the leaked draft report says now.

While abortion-rights activists have been warning the court was poised to overturn Roe, Monday’s revelation sparked new furor and fear. If overturned by the court, at least 20 states would immediately make abortion illegal, based on already-passed laws.


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