Lady Louise Windsor, 18, set for 'St Andrew's challenge' during 'High Table' formal event

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Lady Louise Windsor may face a challenge at university this year in the form of a formal dinner. The young royal, 18, won a place at the prestigious St Andrew’s University this year and has joined peers at St Salvator’s Hall. Like many other university halls across the UK, St Salvator’s holds formal dinners that may feel unusual to some students.

St Salvator’s hosts a small-scale weekly “High Table” event for students.

Lady Louise may attend a formal dinner with a small group of students and a “prominent member of the St Andrews staff or community”.

High Table gatherings serve as an opportunity for students to network and discuss current events.

While many of the young royal’s peers may feel daunted by the prospect, it won’t be Lady Louise’s first time at such an event.

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Pictures showed her clad in black and wearing two necklaces, one of which bore a horse pendant.

The jewellery was seen as a nod to her and the late Queen’s love of horses.

Queen Elizabeth II famously owned hundreds of horses during her life that she both rode and raised for racing.

Lady Louise picked up on her grandmother’s enthusiasm with her love for equestrian sports.


She has nurtured a hobby of carriage driving, which was also beloved by her late grandfather, Prince Philip.

The Prince passed on his carriage to his granddaughter after his death, and she led a procession at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this summer on board the horse-drawn vehicle.

Officials have not revealed whether she has continued to ride while at university.

But she has carried on another royal tradition since starting at St Andrew’s.

Her cousin and cousin-in-law both attended the university before her.

Prince William obtained his degree in geography at St Andrew’s and met art history student Kate, Princess of Wales, while they both lived at St Salvator’s Hall.

Earlier this year, a royal spokesman confirmed that Lady Louise received the A-level results necessary to study English.

She entered the university after studying A-levels in English, History, Politics and Drama.

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