Labour crisis as Sunak overtakes Starmer in popularity poll just days after becoming PM

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Labour has been hit by a blow after Rishi Sunak overtook Sir Keir Starmer in a popularity poll just days after becoming PM. The survey, conducted by Redfield and Wilton between 25 and 26 October, asked voters who they thought would be a better Prime Minister. 

A total of 39 percent of people picked Mr Sunak, up six percent from the start of September.

Meanwhile, 38 percent of people said they would prefer Sir Keir, down four percent.

The poll of 1,500 respondents was conducted on Mr Sunak’s first two days in office. 

It will come as a blow to Labour as Sir Keir’s party has been surging ahead of the Tories in surveys on voting intentions in recent weeks amid the chaos of Liz Truss’s premiership. 

In his first speech outside 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, Mr Sunak said he had been elected as Tory leader to “fix” the “mistakes” made by his predecessor Ms Truss, whose disastrous mini-budget sparked weeks of economic turmoil.

He also warned that the UK is facing a “profound economic crisis”.

He vowed to place “economic stability and confidence at the heart of this Government’s agenda”.

Mr Sunak said: “This will mean difficult decisions to come.”

But he promised to repeat the “compassion” he showed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Sunak vowed not to leave future generations “with a debt to settle that we were too weak to pay ourselves”.

Pledging to run a Government of “integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level”, he said: “I will unite our country, not with words, but with action.”

In his speech lasting nearly six minutes, he added: “Trust is earned and I will earn yours.”

Mr Sunak, 42, became the UK’s first Hindu PM, the first of Asian heritage and the youngest for more than 200 years.

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