King has 'no plan to cut number of working royals' in surprise U-turn for new monarch

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King Charles’s plans for an anticipated “slimming down” of the monarchy have been ripped up, according to royal experts. The Daily Express’s Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer revealed that Charles and his advisers have “ruled out” cutting the number of working royals. The new monarch’s U-turn comes less than two months into the role.

The Daily Express’s Royal Round-Up host Pandora Forsyth questioned the U-turn.

She said: “I thought the plan was when Charles took the throne, he would be slimming it down even further.”

Mr Palmer admitted he was “surprised” by the news relayed to him by those close to King Charles.

He said: “I suspected this would have been a good time for the late Queen’s cousins to decide they could enjoy a few years of retirement having served the monarchy and nation.

“But they haven’t done.”

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The royal correspondent continued: “What has been made clear to me on behalf of the King, or those close to him, is that currently there is no plan to cut the number of working royals.

“When you look at what happens in other European monarchies, the UK has the largest number of working royals.

“There is an argument that we have a bigger population and the Commonwealth as well, where an awful lot of work goes on.

“But in most monarchies, four or five people tend to represent them. It surprised me.”

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