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Kim Jong-un threat: North Korea to launch massive ballistic missile sub 'in near future'


Satellite imagery has shown activity around a new submarine that can launch sub-service ballistic missile that could be fitted with nuclear warheads. On Friday, the news agency 38 North, said satellite imagery of the reclusive regimes Sinpo shipyard found a floating dry-dock for constructing vessels had been moved to a submarine-launch quay. The floating dry dock has been repositioned alongside a construction hall.

The 38 North website said: “the new ballistic missile submarine, which has been under construction for several years, may be nearing completion”.

The website added: “It could also be ready to be rolled out and launched in the near future.”

The dry dock could be part of North Korea’s scheme to build an advance new submarine for launching ballistic missile from below the surface of the world’s oceans.

The massive submarine is believed to be a 3,000-ton in weight.

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The news of the possible construction of an advanced submarine comes after North Korea claimed to have launched a “new tactical guided” missile.

North Korea issued the news of the launch through its KCNA news platform.

Two of the rockets were found to have travelled 373 miles off North Korea’s east coast.

North Korea said its new missile is able to carry a payload of 2.5 tons.

This is a worrying factor for the West, as such a payload capability could allow for nuclear warheads to be mounted on the missiles.

Ri Pyong Chol, the senior North Korean leader who oversaw the test, said: “The development of this weapon system is of great significance in bolstering up the military power of the country.

“It will allow us to deter all sorts of military threats.”

About the launches US president Joe Biden told reporters that the launch was a violation of UN resolutions.

He said: “There will be responses if they choose to escalate, we will respond accordingly.

“But I’m also prepared for some form of diplomacy, but it has to be conditioned upon the end result of denuclearisation.”

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