'Kills your whole lawn': What can you do now to get rid of moss in the garden? Vital steps

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If you have found moss on your lawn, it’s vital you don’t ignore the problem as it can kill the whole of your lawn, resulting in a thick carpet of moss in place of that luscious green grass you’d be hoping for this summer. Before you get rid of the moss, it’s important to understand how and why moss develops, so you can prevent its growth in the future. Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, has revealed all. 

Why do we get moss?

The overall health of a lawn is the main reason for the development of moss – worn, shaded or waterlogged lawns, poorly maintained lawns, and acidic soil conditions can all be factors in poor lawn health, and all have a part to play in the growth of moss. It’s essential that you regularly maintain your lawn to prevent build up.

What does moss look like?

Moss has a spongy appearance, ranging in colour from a yellow brown to dark green, typically appearing close to the soil, hidden by the grass.

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Once you’ve applied the Iron Sulphate to the moss, wait for it to turn black – patience is key for this part, as it can take a few days.

Once it all goes black, this is when the hard work really begins.

Using either a rake or a scarifier, you will need to rake out all the dead moss and throw it away in your garden waste bin.

You might actually find it surprising how much moss comes out of the ground, especially if you’re using a scarifier, as this also removes the thatch layer too.

How do I prevent the moss coming back?

Maintaining your lawn all year round is the best method for preventing moss development.

This means feeding and mowing your lawn at regular intervals, we’d recommend weekly in the summer and fortnightly/monthly in the winter. It’s important to remember that lawn care is not a seasonal job, keeping on top of it as you would do inside your home will ensure your garden is kept in tip top condition.

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