Home Entertainment Justice Breyer’s rosy view of an apolitical Supreme Court

Justice Breyer’s rosy view of an apolitical Supreme Court


Yet Trump’s election arguments were stunningly meritless, as lower-court judges repeatedly observed. And the justices have left in place the Texas ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, at least for the near future. They also have agreed to hear a Mississippi case in the upcoming session that could eviscerate nationwide precedent that prevents states from banning abortions before a fetus is viable, that is, can live outside the woman. Asked about the Texas case in a Washington Post Live interview Monday, Breyer said, “I did think it was very wrong, and I wrote a dissent.” The jurist who’s embarked on a busy promotional tour added that, in light of his assertion that the court is not so divided, “the timing wasn’t very good for my book.”

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