Just Stop Oil protesters blasted as 'time wasting professionals' by GB News guest

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The former executive editor of The Sun started by fuming at what he considered a letient sentence for Madeleine Budd, the former medical student who poured excrement over a statue of Sir Tom Moore on behalf of a group known as End UK private jets. Mr Wootton described the act as “vile” and argued that the justice needed to give tougher sentences to “absolute scumbags” such as Ms Budd.

Responding, Mr Lawson argued that Ms Budd was a “lucky young woman” and that he would receive a tougher sentence if he defaced a Halal butchers.

He said: “She was a very lucky young woman Dan.

“I think they’re dead right and her mother didn’t do herself any favours by standing up and trying to defend her actions either.

“I heard her speaking and I think she should have been a little bit firmer on her daughter but that’s just my opinion.

“If I threw a bucket of paint over a halal butchers you can be damn sure I would be dragged off in the back of a black mira and I would not get a suspended sentence.

“This is starting to wind me up and also I have to say funnily enough the quality of protesters.

“I mean these people in Kensington or wherever it was today.

“They are a bunch of time wasting professionals.”

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He said: “Well I’m sorry Dan and I know we don’t on GB News advocate breaking the law.

“But I tell you what if I had a very very expensive shop window like that and some old git started doing that I would be very tempted to go out and lamp them.”

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