'Just buy a petrol car’: Drivers react to tales of charging woe from angry EV owners

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EV owners who are struggling to charge their cars or facing fines after parking at charging bays are getting short shrift from drivers of fossil fuelled vehicles. It follows the story of one driver who was handed a £90 fine for charging at Lidl.

James Piddock left his Renault Zöe charging at Lidl in Ditton, Kent while he was visiting his girlfriend.

But he was staggered to receive a £90 fine a few days later for staying 23 minutes over the allotted time limit.

However, he didn’t find much sympathy from many readers who pointed out the length of time it takes to charge an EV compared to filling up with petrol.

And others were keen to discuss the issues with EV infrastructure in the UK that can make life difficult for those needing a charge.

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Meanwhile ‘Ragnarok’ wrote: “Welcome to motoring in the future, now if he had a sensible non EV he would have been in and out with a full tank in five minutes and no need to whinge about his new cheap motoring.”

And ‘Fromtheshires’ added: “Smug electric car drivers face a new reality. Soon you will not be able to find chargers available to charge your vehicles without booking.

“It is going to become extremely difficult very soon. the infrastructure is not there to support you.”

‘Rhodo’ replied: “Over two hours to ‘fill’ your car up and it’s still not fully charged? What the heck is all that about? I’ll stick with petrol thanks!”

Elsewhere ‘Guzzler’ had some other points to make on EVs, writing: “The kind of infrastructure to get everyone in electric cars would take about 50 years to establish.

“Should’ve gone nuclear/tidal rather than wind/solar but that might have lost votes for whoever the incumbent PM was along the way.

“So the can was kicked down the road and we ended up in this mess. Over-priced EVs, with short life expectancy, useless second hand so they become the next throw away item.

“Not sure that’s good for the planet…”

‘Truthtopower’ said: “These EV’s are a menace. They are silent, posing a injury risk to pedestrians. “Many of the supermarkets are taking money from shoppers to subsidise these people. I

“In addition they are avoiding road tax and petrol taxes. They need to be taxed right away.”

The driver did get some backing from one reader who wrote: “As a result of this, I will do my shopping next Monday at nearby Aldi instead of Lidl. That’s about £50 Lidl will never get back.”

But ‘Partridge’ replied: “He wasn’t fined for charging his EV, he was fined for overstaying the parking time limit, which he should have checked. No exceptional circumstances here. No sympathy. Rules are rules.”


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