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Joe Biden under fire over UK ambassador choice at 'pivotal time' – 'Not what's needed!'


The US President chose a Democratic fundraiser with very little diplomatic experience Jane Hartley. Mrs Hartley brought in millions of dollars to Mr Biden’s presidential campaign. And she has now reportedly accepted the offer. This comes after many months of indecision from President Biden over choosing who was best suited for the spot.

Brett Bruen, former global engagement chief at the White House, said: “Not the person we need at such a pivotal and perilous time for transatlantic relations.

“Diplomatic, not donor, experience is needed to guide our country and the world towards calmer waters.”

Mrs Hartley, 71, was a surprise choice, with many others including the former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and the former security of state Colin Powell, being considered for the position.

In contrast, former US President Donald Trump announced Robert “Woody” Johnson as the UK ambassador before he was even elected.

Mrs Hartley was born in New York and is married to Ralph Schlosstein who is an investment banker and Evercore Partners chief executive.

The 71-year-old had a brief spell as the ambassador to France and Monaco between 2014 and 2017.

Her career started in the Democratic National Convention.

She then joined Jimmy Carter’s administration in the 1970s as an official.

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The thing that stood out the most for Mr Biden with regards to Mrs Hartley’s appointment was her work in Paris, according to The Washington Post.

She spent three years in the French capital planning for the COP 21 climate conference and worked closely with intelligence agencies after several terror attacks.

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