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Joe Biden savaged for 'inadequate' China policy that risks Beijing taking advantage


Political expert Gordon Chang warned that China may become more confident and emboldened against the US. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Chang reflected on China’s aggression towards its neighbours in the South China Sea. He noted that US President Joe Biden’s administration has not yet completed its China review but he expects it be inadequate.

He insisted this could push China to become more dangerous and further test the patience of the US.

Mr Chang said: “We don’t know what Joe Biden will do.

“He calls China a competitor, he doesn’t use the adversary or enemy labels.

“He is trying to establish cooperative relations with Beijing as every American President tries.

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“But there have been some resolute policies on Taiwan and we don’t know where this will go.”

Mr Chang admitted he was not optimistic about the conclusion the Biden administration will come to regarding China.

He continued: “I think the Biden administration is yet to complete it China review for instance.

“They have yet to settle on a China policy but my general belief is that the China policy they will come up with will be inadequate.

He explained due to the US’ obligations to Taiwan, China could attack the nation to spark a reaction from the US.

Mr Brown said: “There is a theory that perhaps China wants to test the United States.

“This is because the United States is obligated to defend Taiwan if it were attacked.

“But it is a very ambiguous agreement, a very ambiguous treaty.

“Many military analyses feel that China would like to test that.”

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