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Joe Biden faces 'early test' over Israel-Gaza violence as Hamas senses 'weak' US president


Donald Trump’s former ambassador to the UN has told Fox News that terrorists in Gaza are looking to “test” President Joe Biden amid the ongoing conflict with Israel that has left at least 83 Palestinians dead and killed a further seven people in Israel. Ms Haley argued that the militant group Hamas have been striking out at Israel because they don’t believe the US President has “Isreal’s back.” 

The remarks led Sky News Australia political commentator Kenny Imafidon to ask whether the “Arab World is now testing a weak US President.”

He argued the Israeli Palestinian conflict had gone “backwards for the first time in many years” and pointed out that under Trump three Arab countries signed peace deals with Israel.

Ms Haley told Fox News: “It’s devastating to watch what’s happening in Jerusalem, but then it’s also somewhat expected.

“I mean, this is a way of, you know, Hamas and that terrorist group to test Biden.

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“Biden is doing exactly what we expected.

“You know, they came in. Biden does everything in the name of Trump reversals.

“So what does he do? He turns around and finds the Palestinians corrupt organization again.”

The former US Governor continued: “Hamas now wants to test Biden because they don’t think that he’s going to do anything severe.

“They go and start shooting rockets into Jerusalem. And what does Biden do?

“He calls for restraint when what he should be doing is having Israel’s back.”

She added: “I can’t imagine in any scenario if a terrorist organization were shooting rockets into Washington, D.C., that we would be OK with our friends and allies calling for restraint.

“This is where Biden should be calling out the Palestinians.


“The only reason this is happening is because Hamas is shooting rockets and Biden needs to put a stop to it.

“He can do it by pulling money. He can do it by calling for action and he can stop this right now.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister  of Isreal Benjamin Netanyahu has promised Palestinian militant groups will “pay a heavy price” and pledged to “continue to attack with full force.”

He said: “Hamas and Islamic Jihad paid and will pay a very heavy price for their belligerence.”


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