Home Entertainment Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears, is suspended as her conservator

Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears, is suspended as her conservator


Further disturbing details of a conservatorship that was long shrouded in secrecy emerged in two documentaries released this week. In “Controlling Britney Spears,” released Friday as a follow-up to the February film, a former employee of a security company employed by Jamie Spears alleges that the security company installed recording devices in Spears’s home and bedroom, unbeknown to her, and recorded her interactions with her family and her boyfriend. The Netflix documentary “Britney vs. Spears,” released Tuesday, cited leaked documents that proved Spears had tried multiple times to hire her own legal representation, replacing the court-appointed lawyer assigned to her, and been denied permission. The same documentary alleged that from its establishment, the conservatorship gave Jamie the power to issue restraining orders and hire security, power to use her money to pay for legal fees, power to enter and take possession of Spears’s home (and exert authority over who else was there at any time), power to open and operate businesses and power to hire for a number of positions using funds from Spears’s estate. In 2009, the conservatorship became permanent and Jamie acquired even more authority: Jamie could soon lease a car for himself using funds from Spears’s estate, cancel her credit cards as he saw fit, and pursue new business opportunities on his daughter’s behalf, so long as her medical team approved them. (CNN also released a documentary on Sunday titled “Toxic: Britney Spears’ Battle For Freedom.”)

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