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Jamie Oliver shares ‘super reliable’ stuffing recipe – ‘give your roast dinner some oomph’


Jamie Oliver, who regularly shares roast dinner recipes, has shared his pork, sage, onion and chestnut stuffing recipe, which serves 10 people. The celebrity chef recommends pairing it with any roast dinner.


Start by preheating the oven to 190 degrees or gas five before peeling and quartering the onions.

Place the onions in a food processor until finely chopped, then tip into a large bowl.

Tear the stale bread into small chunks and whiz into breadcrumbs before adding them to a bowl and crushing in the chestnuts.

Place the pork into the food processor, as well as the sage leaves and roughly chopped bacon.

Season the mix with white pepper and a good pinch of sea salt.

Finely grate in a quarter of the nutmeg, the zest of half a lemon and just two or three gratings of orange or clementine zest.

Jamie then says to pulse until the mixture is a combination of chunks and mush, it should take less than a minute.

One mixed, pour into a mixing bowl and add some more salt and better before scrunching up until combined.

Take just under half of the stuffing out the bowl if using to stuff into a turkey, and transfer the rest to an ovenproof dish.

Use your hands to break it up and push it to fill the dish and pop it into the oven to cook for 50 minutes to one hour.

It’ll be cooked when the top is crispy and bubbling.

Once done, Jamie said to pour any excess fat away and the stuffing should be juicy and succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The stuffing is 209 calories per serving and can be reheated if there are any leftovers.

What’s more, stuffing can be added to any roast dinner including chicken and pork as well as lamb.

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