James Martin weight loss: Chef drops 2st 3lb without dieting – 'water is key'

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James Martin is not one to advocate dieting or restrictive eating, so how does he maintain a slim and healthy frame? The celebrity made a key lifestyle change – and not dieting or exercise.

There are several health benefits to upping one’s water intake.

James called the benefits, including better skin and more energy, “crazy”, he told Hello!

As well as being calorie free, and it can suppress appetite.

Moreover, oftentimes people think they are hungry, when in fact they are just thirsty – or bored.


“When you’re a big bloke like my grandfather, father and me, it’s not as easy to stay fit as it is for someone who’s a bit smaller.”

For this reason, James cut down on processed foods and takeaways and instead cooked more at home – he’s a renowned professional chef, after all.

He continued: “So I decided to examine my diet and I made a conscious decision to cook fresh food at home.”

Deciding to ditch the Mars bars and aforementioned soft drinks, the chef ate more mindfully.

“Now I eat fish twice a week as well as loads of vegetables and fresh fruit,” he told The Herald.

High-protein foods such as oily fish are great for weight loss, as they keep slimmers fuller for longer, reducing the hunger hormone.

A high protein intake also boosts metabolism, meaning that more calories are burned – even during sleep.

As for vegetables, this low-calorie food group is full of fibre and can also leave the body feeling fuller.

They also prevent the dips in energy levels that often leave dieters reaching for chocolates and sweets.


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