'It's too far!' Channel kayaker rescued by fishermen was trying to paddle to Spain

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A kayaker who was rescued in the English Channel was trying to reach Spain, a fisherman has claimed. Daniel Lewis, 28, from Blackpool in Lancashire, was discovered last Thursday after his inflatable vessel capsized.

He was found clinging to a buoy and reportedly survived by eating seaweed and mussels.

Mr Lewis was picked up by the crew of the cutter De Madelaine and was believed to have split up with his girlfriend before departing from Dover.

Speaking to the Mirror, fisherman Tunis van Luut claimed the 28-year-old was trying to reach Spain and had been at sea since October 15.

He said: “He needed water and he was drinking a lot, and I asked him, who are you and how is it possible that you are here on this buoy without your clothes, just your swimming shorts — there was nothing else.

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“We asked him, what time did you depart, and he said it was October 15 from Dover in a kayak.

“We asked when he had the accident, but his condition was so bad and I could see that his eyes were very deep in his head and he had a lot of blue veins on his head and arms.”

The skipper added: “He told me he wanted to go to Spain, but I said that is stupid because of the distance — it’s too far.

“That’s what he told us, he departed on October 15 from Dover and his plan was that he was going to Spain.

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“I try to keep tabs on him and I try to speak to him on the phone as often as I can.

“But the other day he just vanished. I later heard that he had split up with his girlfriend.

“I had no idea he had gone down south or that he was planning to paddle across the Channel.

“Daniel has never been into kayaking. He doesn’t even own a canoe.”

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