‘It repels them’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easy’ hack to get rid of spiders – ‘works a treat’

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Mrs Hinch fans often share advice on social media pages with one another. Posing on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Alyson Gnessen wrote: “Does anyone have any good remedies to stop spiders coming in please? They’re annoying.” Spiders are entering homes earlier this year due to the mild winter the UK experienced.

Spiders often enter homes during September and October in search of a mate and somewhere to nest.

However, many have noticed them entering their properties much earlier.

Taking to the comments, Mrs Hinch fans recommended using essential oils to keep them out.

Nicola McKinnon wrote: “I wash my floors and then I go over with a mixture of water and peppermint oil, so easy.”

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Speaking on yesterday’s This Morning, Lynsey Crombie, also known as Queen of Clean, recommended using a closed bin to make sure the spiders can’t get to any sweet juices.

She said: “If you squeeze a lemon and leave the lemon juice on the counter, they’re going to be attracted to that. But what they don’t like is the wax on your citrus fruits.

“If you have some lemon peel or orange peel left on the side, you can even put it into your bin, that’s going to stop them as well.”

Lynsey also recommended buying turmeric sticks too, available to purchase in supermarkets.

She said these work for “all insects”.

The cleaning expert added: “You can just have a few scattered in your plant pots, a few scattered around the outside of your home, but it’s a very strong smell and again it’s natural and not going to harm them.”


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