'I'm watching you': Police investigate creepy letters threatening US midterm voters

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A “scary” vigilante campaign is terrorising Democratic officials and voters in Arizona just days before midterms election day. The group of anonymous individuals behind the letterbox campaign – named ‘Ben Sent Us’ – has warned more than a dozen county-level Democratic Party chairpersons of consequences if they seen to be allowing electoral fraud.

The bizarre threat appears to reference unfounded claims that the 2020 US presidential election was rigged, wrongly handing Joe Biden the victory.

Residents have also received menacing flyers to their homes – warning them they are being watched.

The full Ben Sent US letter targeting officials says: “To Democrat Party Members.

“Election fraud will not be tolerated.

“All videos and pictures of possible ballot, voting, and dropbox fraud will be posted on the internet along with pictures of district attorneys, sheriffs and others that do pursue investigations and charges on those committing election fraud.

“Copies of all evidence will be turned over the local sheriff.

“Retirees with nothing else to do will be filing hundreds of lawsuits, if not more. They will be locating your homes, your social media profiles and pictures and posting them online as well.

“Every judge refusing to sentence election fraud to the full extent of the law will be considered a traitor and dealt with accordingly, as will you.”

It ends with “We are watching you” and is signed “Ben Sent Us, 1234 Every Street, Every City”.

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It comes as the November 8 Senate election in Arizona draws near, with Democrat Mark Kelly holding a narrow lead over Republican Blake Masters.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Democrat leads by only 3.9 points, with the website indicating Mr Kelly on 47.5 percent to Mr Master’s 43.8.

Politico’s election forecast for the state has also seen it described as a “toss up”.

Mr Kelly said last weekend: “I think in Arizona and other states, as you get closer to Election Day, races get more competitive. There’s fewer undecided voters. We saw this in 2020.”

Political campaigning in Arizona has been highly charged. On Wednesday, it emerged the office of Arizona’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Katie Hobbs, has been burgled in an unrelated incident.


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