If they disliked the American century, 'wait 'til they see the CCP century': Author

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Author Douglas Murray revealed what a world ruled by the Chinese Communist Party would look like Saturday on “One Nation.”

DOUGLAS MURRAY: There is a growing tendency in America, not just on the Left, but now I would argue on the political Right as well. They’re starting to say the same talking points that the Left used to make. It used to be that we heard the Left celebrating traitors, for instance. Now we hear some people on the Right celebrating them. It used to be only the Left that said things like, “Well, we killed X number of people in X place, so who are we to condemn Vladimir Putin?” … Now you have people on the Right saying the same thing. So this is a growing trend and we have to confront that.

There’s so many people who criticize, hate and beat up on the American century, so I have a challenge to them: If they disliked the American century, wait ’til they see the Chinese Communist Party century. Wait until they saw Vladimir Putin’s century — by the way, I don’t think that one is likely to come compared to the CCP one, just as Mike Pompeo and others have said. But the CCP century is one [in which] you wouldn’t get to complain about human rights. You wouldn’t hear about human rights abuses. You wouldn’t get to moan. Nobody would care. That’s the CCP’s world. 



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