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‘I swear by it': Mrs Hinch fan's ‘best way’ to keep spiders out the home after infestation


Mrs Hinch fans regularly take to dedicated cleaning social media pages to share their cleaning tips and tricks. With many homes currently experiencing a spider problem, cleaning enthusiasts have shared their preferred methods of keeping the arachnids out of their homes.

Asking on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman, Natalie Burns, wrote: “What does everyone use to keep spiders out the house?

“We’ve had loads, I’m talking loads but I don’t want to kill them.”

Experts often warn that Britons should try to deter spiders from their home, rather than kill them.

This is because spiders actually eat other insects such as mosquitoes, which can help to prevent disease.

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Spiders have a very strong sense of smell, with peppermint, vinegar and catnip being scents that repels them.

Sarah Caldwell said: “Conkers in every window.”

Sal Car agreed and wrote: “Conkers, but you must get fresh ones every year.”

“Conkers in the corners of the room, they really work,” said Vera Kananu.

Although there is no scientific evidence that conkers help to keep spiders out, several comments from Mrs Hinch fans recommended the free method.

Niamh Clarke said: “Conkers and peppermint oil, I swear by it.

“Place the conkers in the corners of your windows and wipe diluted peppermint oil around the window frames and doors, it’s honestly the best way.”

Mary Evans added: “I have conkers in all my windows, it does work.”

Alys Davies wrote: “Conkers seem to keep the majority out, place them in your room.”

Diluting the peppermint oil with water can help to make the smell of it less strong.

Debbie Hurley explained: “Spider spray is good, spray round the home.”

There are various different spider sprays on the market, with them ranging from £2 to £5 in price.

Some sprays require spraying around different areas of the home, with Zero In Spider Repellent Spray claiming to deter them without harm and without chemicals.

While many people want to kill spiders, they can be useful for eating other bugs.

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