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‘I grabbed my son and ran off!’ Alarm raised as two wolves escape zoo enclosure


The entry gates of DierenPark Zoo closed to visitors and those inside were asked to stay indoors while the staff tracked down the pair of wolves. Eric Bax an eye witness told RTL Nieuws he saw one of the wolves whilst inside the zoo with his two-year-old son and girlfriend.

“Suddenly we saw a wolf walking through the bushes. I grabbed my son and ran off.”

“My girlfriend call the police straight away and together with some other visitors we put up a barricade.”

The wolves were recaptured and sedated and then went back to their enclosure.

A spokesperson for the zoo, DierenPark Amersfoort said: “The situation has been brought under control.”

“The two animals were isolated, sedated and taken back to their enclosure. A wolf is not dangerous to visitors. They don’t attack people.

“We asked our visitors to go inside and ensure the situation was as calm as possible so that we could bring the situation to an end.”

This is the second time in less than a year animals have escaped within Amersfoot Zoo.

Two chimpanzees were shot dead after escaping from their enclosure last November.

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DierenPark now has around 100 species of animals within the park.

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