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'I explained…I think!' Confused Joe Biden walks off after brutal 'impending doom' probe


Joe Biden held a press conference with reporters but was caught out unawares when a journalist yelled out a final question. The reporter wanted to know if Biden was worried of an “impending doom” regarding Covid but the US president stumbled off stage stating he answered her “thoroughly” – or at least “hoped he did”. Joe Biden has repeatedly come under fire for his “bloopers” with many viewers wondering the mental state of the president who admits he is a “gaffe machine”. 

During the conference, one reporter shouted out: “The [CDC Director] said she’s scared of an impending doom with Covid cases on the rise, are you?”

Mr Biden turned around slowly and bluntly replied: “I just explained that I think thoroughly, I hope I did anyway.” 

Another reporter asked a follow-up question and wondered if some states should pause their reopening efforts. 

Once more, the president turned around and bluntly replied: “Yes.”


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