How to Prepare for a Medical Malpractice Case in Illinois?

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Medical Malpractice Case
Medical Malpractice Case

If you suffered an injury because of medical malpractice in Illinois, here is all you need to know to effectively deal with it. Making the right moves increases your chance of better compensation pay outs, so pay attention and keep reading.

Every year, between 210k and 400k people in America suffer from medical malpractice. This kind of injury falls under tort law because it is technically a personal injury. However, it is far more complex than a simple injury in a public place. There are all manner of precedents and niche litigations involved in medical malpractice in Illinois, so we are here to help you clear up any misunderstandings.

Let us take a closer look at medical malpractice in Illinois. How do you prepare for a case? Let us find out.

Preparing to Prove Medical Malpractice

If you think medical malpractice has happened to you, then you need to learn about the claims process. To claim a case in Illinois, you must prove that you were in a doctor-patient relationship and that doctor broke their duty of care to you. The third part of your case focuses on proving that the breach of that duty resulted in further harm on your part. You can click here to learn more about the medical malpractice claims process. Otherwise, here is what you can do to prepare for the case.

1. Keep Accurate Records

One of the best things you can do to prepare for a medical malpractice case, is to thoroughly document your journey. Keep a journal from the day of the accident, which records your appointments and interviews. Keep your receipts with your journal and add photos of your injuries if you can. All of this helps the judge assign a cash value to your pain and suffering, and helps you keep track of what you have spent.

2. Proving the Doctor-Patient Relationship

There are different ways you can prove a doctor – patient relationship existed. This is easiest to do with small practices or lifelong doctors. With one off trips to hospital, medical records could see falsification to say you were never there. In this instance, you need proof that you were there. This could come from witness statements of those who took you to hospital. It might come from social media if you posted about your visit. However, you do it, your case hinges on your ability to establish a doctor-patient connection.

3. Rest and Recover

Your primary duty in all of this should be to rest and recover. Hire a lawyer to represent you so that you do not have the stress of the case to deal with. While you need to prepare for your case, you cannot do that if you are still in chronic or unmanageable pain. See another doctor and seek treatment, mindfully recoding those treatments in your journal.

4. Keep Track of Damages

One of the reasons we journal is so that we can keep accurate records of what happened to us and how much it hurts. Keep track of any damages caused by the errant doctor so that you can claim back accurate monies down the line.

If you do all these things, you give yourself the best chance of litigation success.

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