How to deal with rats in your garden: Five non-toxic ways to banish rats – ‘works wonders'

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Use ammonia near nests

If you find a nest that you’re sure belongs to rats, a small bowl of ammonia is often all you need to stop them returning.

Place ammonia or ammonia-based products in a bowl and leave it next to the entrance of the rodent nest.

According to Integrum Services, the strong-smelling chemical “works wonders” in deterring these destructive pests.

Encourage predators

Taking advantage of the natural food chain is one of the most humane ways to manage rats in your garden.

Gardeners’ World said: “Rats form a substantial part of a fox’s diet, so – where possible – it’s a good idea to give foxes space to live in your garden or allotment, too.”

Keeping your pets active in the garden can also deter rats too, so allow them plenty of time on your lawn and around flower beds to reap the benefits of their naturally “disruptive force”.


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