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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in 2022 for Your Business

Many factors go into making a business competitive and successful. What this means as a business owner is that you need to try different solutions, techniques, and processes to find what works best for the company. One factor that can’t be disputed, however, is the impact of qualified and excellent employees. Because it can be so hard to find top talent, once you do it will be very important to retain them.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can catch the eyes of the top talent out there and make sure they want to stay with your company for the long haul.

Create a Workplace Culture that is Attractive to Employees

The first step should be to set up the kind of workplace culture that employees want to be part of. A toxic workplace will have a difficult, if not impossible time keeping top talent. The goal should be to create a workplace that values employees, values the work-life balance, shows appreciation for employees and their hard work, and creates a physical environment that is comfortable and pleasing.

You can then take it further and offer extra incentives like workplace activities, clubs, decked-out breakrooms, freebies like snacks and beverages, and so forth.

A High Salary Isn’t the Only Incentive Available

Employers often assume that the best way to find top talent is to pay a high salary. While that helps, salary alone won’t be enough to keep employees. Other incentives can be just as attractive as a high salary, if not more attractive. This can include such things as a health benefits package/program, extra holiday time, flexible hours and sales or recognition bonuses to name a few. It’s all about showing employees that they are valued and appreciated and that their hard work is noticed.

Give Employees the Option of a Hybrid Workplace

Although remote work used to be rare, today many business owners are learning the benefits that this kind of solution offers. The problem is that not every company will be able to function to its maximum efforts if the entire workforce is working from home full-time so a great option can be to set up a hybrid workplace.

A hybrid workplace can be the perfect compromise for employers and employees alike. It allows staff to create a schedule that mixes remote with in-office work. You could request that employees come into the office a certain number of hours or days per week or month. Both parties will still be able to benefit from remote work, yet there is still a chance to connect in person. 

Just be sure you have a hybrid workplace policy in place so that everyone is aware of how things will work and what the expectations are.

All of these tips will take the company far when it’s looking to recruit top talent and then ensure that those employees want to stay and make a future for themselves in the business.



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