How to add thousands to the value of your car with just £500 of upgrades

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Used car values have rocketed some 30 percent over the past year, and buyers are willing to pay high prices to get hold of desirable cars. Even older models can be brought right up to date with some simple upgrades that won’t break the bank. Here’s a list of quick and easy, and most importantly cheap, ways to get the most for your motor.

The Stereo
Having some way to connect a smartphone to your car stereo is now a must, especially after strict new rules were introduced earlier this year banning the handling of mobiles at the wheel.
An upgraded stereo unit can be installed to provide bluetooth connection, or a bluetooth adapter can be picked up for less than £50, but better still find a unit with apple car play or android auto, wired or wireless.
It will mirror your phone’s display and instantly boost the value of your car considerably.

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Fit a dash cam
An integrated dash cam is a wise investment, and for less than £100 it’s possible to pick up a full HD unit with hours of storage, a wide angle view and voice commands.

Better headlights
While it’s not ‘technically’ legal to replace halogen bulbs with LED ones (in fact it’s now supposed to be an MOT fail) it is possible to do it.
A more sensible way is just to spend a relatively small amount of money buying more powerful bulbs and using a refurbishment kit to get the covers as clear as possible.


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