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How does a probate lawyer handle matters after your death?

Whenever a person expires, his assets should be distributed in such a manner that is consistent with the state laws and follow the directions they put forth whenever he is alive, as mentioned in the will. If you hire a Boca Raton Probate Attorney, he will guide the executor of a will or the beneficiaries of an estate through the entire probate process. He will recognize your beneficiaries and identify estate assets that need to be distributed among the beneficiaries. 


Probate lawyers, also called real estate attorneys assist non-lawyer clients in fulfilling their role as personal representatives, administrators, or even executors of estates. The probate process incorporates paying the debts and obligations of the deceased person and distributing assets of the estate as per the state law and the will. Keep reading to know more about the role played by a probate lawyer. 


Do I require a lawyer for probate?


If you’re wondering whether or not you will require seeking assistance from a probate lawyer, this will depend on several scenarios and factors. You will have to keep in mind factors like:


  • Are your state laws too complicated?
  • Did they have a will or a trust or both? Or did they have nothing at all?
  • What sort of estate plan was set up by the decedent?
  • What is the size of the estate?
  • Are the assets and beneficiary designations too complicated?
  • Are there any contentious beneficiary relationships?


All these considerations will have to be taken into account when you make a decision on whether or not to hire a probate lawyer. 


In case the decedent just has a will,  there is no way apart from having to deal with probate.  Hence,  the next logical step that you need to take is to evaluate the complicacy of the estate in order to understand how difficult the probate is going to be.  the more complex the estate is,  the more alluring an attorney might seem. 


So,  do you think you can go about the process of probate without the assistance of an attorney?  the answer is,  yes. Although there are situations where you can handle the process of probate on your own,  there might arise complicated situations where the estate is big enough to consider retaining the help of a lawyer. If yours is such kind of a situation,  it is better to seek the help of probate experts. They will offer you unparalleled guidance and support to simplify the process. 


What questions to ask a probate attorney?


  • How long have you been practicing probate law or handling matters dealing with estate planning?
  • Do you practice any other areas of law? 
  • Do you often practice before the court? Will you represent me at the court when my case will be assigned?
  • How long do you think my case will take before the estate is settled?
  • Have you handled cases that are similar to mine?


Therefore, now that you’re wondering how to distribute your assets among beneficiaries, get help from a probate lawyer who is experienced in his tasks. 



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