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How cast and crew of ‘Come From Away’ brought their story of human kindness back to Broadway


Caesar Samayoa, the other Kevin, quarantined in Provincetown, Mass., directed a digital musical and sequestered in a trailer for two months to shoot a still-secret project. Arturo Porazzi, the production stage manager, cycled and worked on his house on Staten Island. Emily Walton, who plays Janice, the local TV reporter, (and is castmate Jim Walton’s niece), gave up her apartment and moved back in with her parents. Rachel Tucker, who played Beverley in the London production before signing up for Broadway, came down with covid just as the shutdown began. (Like Pearl Sun, she’s fine now.) Josh Breckenridge, a standby as Bob and others, stayed in an RV in his parents’ San Diego driveway and composed an album.

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