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Homes for sale in Croatian town for just 11p – but you need to be under 40 to buy


The budget properties come with a number of conditions, but are even cheaper than Italy’s infamous €1 houses. One of the main reasons for the houses being so low in cost is that many of them lack basic necessities such as windows and doors, as well as having mouldy windows and floors.

However, hopeful buyers will need to meet a range of qualifications to be eligible to purchase one of the properties.

These include being fully employed, under 40-years-old and committing to living there for at least 15 years.

The properties cost one kuna, which is equivalent to just 11p.

Local authorities will also give those who buy one 25,000 kuna (£2,900) to do renovations.

The Croatian town of Legrad could therefore be the perfect place for someone looking to relocate and cheaply spruce up a property.

There are 19 homes available, with local officials hopeful that the bargain prices will help to increase its number of citizens.

Legrad once had a large population, but there are now only 2,250 people living there.

After the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, it became a border town with few transport links to other cities – making it lose appeal to many potential citizens.

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