High cholesterol: Changes in your eyes particularly worrying for those under the age of 45

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In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, the significance of corneal arcus was investigated.

In the study 500 people above the age of 40 were screened for corneal arcus and were studied with regards to age, sex, diet habits, thickening of peripheral arteries (fundus examination), blood pressure and associated cataract and fundus pathology.

Only 225 out of the 500 screened had corneal arcus (45 percent).

A distinct increase in the incidence of corneal arcus with age can be observed and more so above the age of 60.

“Corneal arcus was present only in 45 percent of the total 500 patients screened over 40 years of age. However, it was present in over 70 percent of cases over 60,” said the study.

It concluded: “Fasting serum triglyceride, one of the accurate indices of functional status of lipid metabolism was raised in 72 percent of cases suggesting a strong correlation between impairment of lipid metabolism and incidence of corneal arcus.”


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