High blood pressure: Two hidden ways stress raises your risk of hypertension symptoms

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What can you do to reduce your stress levels?

Regina said: “There are lots of different situations that can cause stress.

“Sometimes events happen in life that are beyond your control, such as grief or losing a loved one, money problems, relationship issues, loneliness, work stress and the pandemic.

“The first thing is to recognise you are stressed and talk to someone about your worries.”

Stress is often inevitable, but you can control your coping mechanisms and adopt healthier behaviours under stress.

Regina said: “Stress alone won’t cause a heart and circulatory disease, but you may be more likely to turn to unhealthy habits such as smoking, eating comfort food that’s typically high in fat or sugar, drinking too much alcohol or not being physically active.

“In the moment, these things can temporarily reduce your stress but if you do too much of them in the long run, it can damage your heart health.”


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