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Heartbroken mum says anti-vaxxer son's last words as he died of Covid 'This is not a hoax'


Curt Carpenter, 28, his sister Cayla and mother Christy all contracted Covid in early March. The family had not been vaccinated because they were hesitant about how quickly it had been made, but now regret not taking the jab when they had the chance.

After catching the virus their symptoms were mild at first, then their oxygen levels dropped, and Curt and Christy were admitted to hospital in Alabama, US, where they developed pneumonia.

Curt’s condition worsened, his oxygen levels fluctuated, and his organs began shutting down.

After 51 days on a ventilator, he died on May 2.

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Now, mum Christy has spoken about her son’s death and said that he initially thought “Covid was a hoax and did not take it seriously”. But his tragic last words are still etched in her mind: “This is not a hoax, this is real.”

She told the Washington Post: “It took watching my son die and me suffering the effects of Covid for us to realise we need the vaccine. We did not get vaccinated when we had the opportunity and regret that so much now.”

Christy says her own health has been battered after contracting the virus. She is still on pulmonary therapy for her breathing and continues to suffer from hair loss, fatigue and ‘Covid brain’ in which she loses train of thought easily, can’t remember parts of conversations and can’t remember people’s names.

Scott Harris, chief executive of the Alabama Department of Public Health, said that reluctance to get the jab is not uncommon in the state.

He said: “We find that there is a lot of mistrust with messages that come from state government, from public health, in particular, from the media.

“There is just a lot of different people who have a lot of different reasons for not getting the vaccine. And it’s hard to address them in a big way.”

He added that more than 95 percent of Covid sufferers in Alabama hospitals have not had the jab.

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