GOP candidate speaks out after being tossed from election by judge in WV

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State Senate candidate Andrea Garrett Kiessling, R-W.V., spoke out after a judge tossed her from the ballot Friday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

ANDREW GARRETT KIESSLING: My name is on the ballot. It’s still there. There are signs in some precincts that have indicated at my ineligibility. But my name is still on the ballot, and many people have reached out and let me know that they’re still going to be voting for me.

I had moved to North Carolina and spent some time there. I split my time between North Carolina, Minnesota and West Virginia in the pursuit of businesses and other opportunities. And yeah, that came down to be the biggest problem. Now, of course, in West Virginia, one of our main concerns is retention of talent. And that’s something that we want to do, is bring people back to West Virginia. My time spent in other states was simply a means to an end to be able to return to West Virginia.



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