Home News GoFundMe for Atlanta spa shooting victim Hyun Jung Grant raises $2.5 million

GoFundMe for Atlanta spa shooting victim Hyun Jung Grant raises $2.5 million


A fundraiser for the son of one of the Atlanta spa shooting victims had raised $2.5 million as of Saturday night — doubling the amount brought in just a day earlier. 

Randy Park, 23, established the GoFundMe page in memory of his mother, Hyun Jung Grant, who he said “dedicated her whole life to providing for my brother and I.”

“It is only my brother and I in the United States. The rest of my family is in South Korea and are unable to come,” Park wrote in a heartbreaking tribute to his mom on the fundraising website.

“Frankly, I have no time to grieve for long. I will need to figure out the living situation for my brother and I for the next few months, possibly year . . . Any donation will be used as funds for basic living necessities for my brother and I such as food, bills, and other expenses.”

Grant, 51, is among the six Asian women who were allegedly gunned down Tuesday.

The suspect, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, claims he’s a sex addict who was trying to kill “temptation” when he allegedly murdered Grant and seven other people, authorities said.

More than 69,000 people have donated to Park’s fundraiser.

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