Home Business Give Amazon and Facebook a Seat at the United Nations

Give Amazon and Facebook a Seat at the United Nations


Although the ability to enact and enforce legislation is a defining characteristic of the nation-state, private companies have long been powerful enough to shape public laws to their liking behind closed doors. Now, however, brands have also become far more willing — eager, even —to take overt positions on specific laws. In April, hundreds of companies (including Amazon, Google, Netflix and Starbucks Corp.) protested against restrictive voting laws in Georgia, Texas and other states. And in September, Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. pledged to pay the legal fees of any of their drivers sued under Texas’s draconian new abortion legislation. The “women-founded and women-led” dating app of Bumble Inc. went further, creating a “relief fund” for anyone seeking an abortion in Texas — a move that suggests a novel form of corporate jury nullification.

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