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Germany ridiculed as UK set for 'far, far faster' recovery than EU 'Doing a lot better!'


Tory MP Michael Fabricant mocked Germany, France, and other European Union countries as the bloc trails the UK in its economic recovery. The IMF forecast this week that the UK economy is due to grow by an immense seven percent this year alone. That is nearly double the forecast for Germany, which is going to see just 3.6 percent growth.

Mr Fabricant told GB News: “The British economy is going to be bouncing back to seven percent this year in line with the US, and far, far faster than the rest of Europe.

“Germany is only going to be at 3.6 percent growth, France is not much better.

“So the UK is doing a lot better than the rest of Europe and way up there with the US.

“And that’s despite Brexit!”

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The IMF forecasts are based on the working assumption that the UK does not reimpose any further Covid restrictions, which could hamper growth.

Such a growth rate would see the British economy grow at its fastest pace in 80 years.

This would also mean the UK economy would recover its pre-pandemic size by the end of this year.

The rapid recovery has been boosted by the vaccine rollout and a bounce back in consumer spending, according to the EY Item Club.

Commerzbank’s economist Jorg Kramer said: ” The fourth coronavirus wave and the policy response to it are likely to hit the economy in the fourth quarter.

“We expect a massive slowdown in growth, but not a contraction of the economy because there is unlikely to be an undifferentiated lockdown.”

Clemens Fuest, president of the Munich-based Ifo institute, added: “Supply bottlenecks and concerns over newly rising infection numbers are weighing on the German economy.”

Angela Merkel’s chief of staff Helge Braun has warned that the number of new cases could reach 100,000 a day in September.

Germany has so far only double-jabbed less than half of its population.

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