Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue would move to ban all abortions in state as governor

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Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue said if Roe v. Wade is overturned, he would call on the state legislature to ban all abortions as governor Friday on “Hannity.”

PERDUE: This is about the future of our country right here. This is a people’s race against politicians. I’m running against a governor who’s been in office for 20 years – nine years as a secretary of state, four as a governor. He’s not enforced voting laws in any of that time. And right now he’s letting us down with crime, education and the economy. Tennessee and Texas are growing 35% faster than we are. This is a governor who is protecting his job at all costs. 

Chief Justice Roberts said [Roe v. Wade] will come down. And when that ruling comes down, what I’ve said is immediately I would call for a special session of our state legislature to ban all abortions. I’ve called on the governor to do that. I think we need to be united here. And so far, our governor has basically said, “I want to keep my powder dry,” like he said on so many things. So I think this is a major difference that people want to know about. I think voters should know where our governor stands on this before Election Day.



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