Gaffe-prone Joe Biden slips up in birthday message to 'President' Kamala Harris

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Joe Biden, 79, attended an event on Monday which celebrated Diwali and saw the President discuss the holiday. The 46th POTUS also used the opportunity to congratulate Vice President Kamala Harris on her recent birthday.

Harris celebrated her 58th birthday last Thursday and Biden joked during the event that she “turned 30”.

While the joke received a few laughs, the following blunder caused embarrassment as Republicans pounced on the comment to claim it was yet another example of his inability to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

The President said: “Happy Birthday to a great President”, without attempting to correct his mistake or any acknowledgement that he had said something wrong.

Earlier this year, the President also made the same comment about his wife Dr Jill Biden in another mistake.

At 79-years-old, and with his 80th birthday coming up next month, Mr Biden is the oldest-ever President of the United States.

Speaking with MSNBC on Sunday, the President said that voter doubts about his abilities to run for another term in 2024 are “totally legitimate”.

Despite his acknowledgement of concerns for the upcoming election, with the number of blunders Biden makes, his ability to continue leading the United States in his current term is always a question up for debate.

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On Sunday, the President noted his “intention to run again”, which could see him face his old rival Trump, who would be 78-years-old by the time of the next election.

Discussing his health, Biden said to voters: “The best way to make a judgement is to, you know, watch me.

“You know, am I slowing up? Do I not have the same pace?”

He added: “Right now, knock on wood, I do not want to jinx myself, I am in good health … and mentally too.”

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