From tracking Trump to elevating Cheney, the Jan. 6 committee has changed the political world

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  • The inquiry has tracked what Trump was doing behind closed doors at the White House on Jan. 6.
  • Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has seen a political career crashed, and launched, for serving on the panel.
  • Even Trump has questioned the House GOP’s decision not to participate in the investigation.

The final report from the Jan. 6 committee is still weeks or months away, but the special House panel appointed to investigate last year’s assault on the Capitol already has changed the political world.

Even before what may be its final public hearing on Thursday, the special committee has revealed behind-the-scenes details about what happened that day and reshaped attitudes toward Trump among some voters. The panel has propelled the prominence of his chief nemesis on the committee, and it has tested how Congress can do the job of oversight.

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