'Fresher laundry': Add three cheap kitchen items to the wash – 'give your detergent oomph'

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Stephanie from Georgia detailed three simple, quick, and easy ways to make your washing softer and fresher, as well as eliminate smells. There are three items – likely in your kitchen now – you can add to your washing to achieve this effect.

The products natural soften your water, for “fresher, cleaner laundry”.

Stephanie explained in a video: “The minerals in hard water can make it very difficult for your detergent to do the job you want it to do…clean your fabrics.

“Here’s three effective laundry boosters to give your detergent that extra oomph to get your fabrics fresh and clean.”

Stephanie recommended baking soda, super washing soda, and borax.

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Stephanie said: “My personal experience is that towels do best when you wash them with this method from the day you bring them home.

“If you start later into owning them, it’s harder to revive the fibers.

“The fiber content of the towels makes a difference too.

“My favorite towels have been the Casaluna brand that Target sells. They stay so soft and fluffy.”

Vinegar is a top tip to soften towels often suggested by experts. This is because classic fabric conditioners damage the fly on towels.

Vinegar, on the other hand, prevents buildup, keeping the towels permanently soft.

Another cleaning expert warned readers about a huge laundry product mistake to avoid at all costs. 

Lucy warned against mixing cleaning products, as well as using laundry detergent for a specific job.

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