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France 'utterly humiliated' as US priorities 'fence-mending' with UK over Paris deal


Sir Christopher Meyer, ex-British Ambassador to the US, claimed that France felt both humiliated and furious at the trade deal between the UK, US and Australia. This new military agreement will see the US and UK share their capability to build nuclear-powered submarines. This has meant that France loses out on a billion-dollar deal to supply Australia with nuclear submarines.

Australia scrapped the order of French submarine technology in favour of this new alliance.

While speaking on LBC, Sir Christopher claimed the US is more concerned about strengthening its UK relationship than its one with France.

He added there were some issues between the UK and US due to the Afghanistan withdrawal and some Brexit trade issues.

Sir Christopher said: “There is some bruising in the relationship between the French.

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“The French who have been utterly humiliated and raging in Paris.

“Don’t forget that Joe Biden behaved badly to the UK in organising the evacuation from Kabul.

“We were the second biggest contributor to the military effort in Afghanistan.

“We were a member of NATO, NATO was there and Biden didn’t consult any of the allies or even tell them.

“How do you calm down the French, if they can be calmed down, I doubt it over any realistic time scale.

“Will all the Americans help us as chairman to reach a positive outcome at the environmental summit.

“Can Biden please Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, that the threat of the Northern Ireland peace agreement does not come from us.

“It comes from the ill of the Northern Ireland protocol which has inflamed many of the protestants.”

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