Former 'party-goer' Prince Harry could have been club DJ if not born royal – expert claims

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What would Prince Harry be doing if he hadn’t been born a royal? Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about what jobs the Prince could be applying to on LinkedIn.

Judi began: “Now that Harry has virtually quit the royal circuit it’s easy to assume he’s finally living the life that he would have done had he never been a royal but, of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

His upbringing and social status has, of course, been essential in “opening doors” for the Prince across the US, suggested Judi.

“Pretty much every aspect of the work Harry is now doing in the US is dependent on his level of ‘fame’ as a Prince,” she claimed.

But interestingly, a YouGov poll found that only 25 percent of Americans were “very” or “fairly” interested in reading Prince Harry’s memoir that is due to be released later this year.

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Harry was rumoured to have received $15million (around £11.3million) as an advance for his memoir, which will tell all about his childhood, time in the military, and decision to step back from the Royal Family.

But, this career-move into authoring has only been made possible through his experience of having been born to Prince Charles.

Judi posed the question: “If he’d never been a royal, all those doors in Hollywood [likely] would have remained firmly shut to him.

“So what type of career might plain old Harry Windsor from the UK have pursued if he hadn’t been born with a title?”


Judi continued: “Of course a spell in the armed forced might have always been on the cards, but how else might Harry’s talents and his personality have been taken him in terms of employment?”

The Prince is passionate about several causes, even founding a charity, Sentebale, to support children infected with HIV.

However, this gallant pursuit may “not have supplied him with an income”, similarly to his love of sports.

“He would never have got near to the exclusive clubbiness of the polo fraternity and there’s no sign that he would have excelled at more accessible sports like football and rugby to ever get to professional level,” Judi claimed.

Perhaps Prince Harry would have followed in the footsteps of one of his famous friends, who also relocated from the UK to sunny LA.

Judi stated: “He loves nothing better than trading banter with James Corden; juggling in the background of his wife’s video call, or striding around a stage at a global event like a rock star or MC.”

But Harry has “no talent as a performer that might earn him fame or fortune” – at least “as far as we know”, suggested the expert.

“Singing or playing an instrument are out and, although he was always known as the joker in the royal pack, he shows no signs of being an even mediocre stand-up comic.”

Harry was known as a “very keen clubber and party-goer” in his younger days.

With his vibrant, bubbly, sociable personality and joie de vivre, “perhaps the perfect career fit for Harry then would have been as a DJ at all those up-market parties and exclusive club nights in the Mediterranean,” suggested Judi.

“It’s likely that, without the responsibility of royal duties, he would never have quit the party lifestyle and his ability to both promote and socialise could have ensured he got regular gigs with a large network of friends.”

Guy Pelly, godfather to Prince Louis and a close friend of Prince Harry, “owns a string of nightclubs in London” and turned Mayfair’s Mahiki into one of London’s biggest celebrity hangouts.

“Harry could easily have turned a hobby into a career with close contacts to support him as well as to act as role models for success.”


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