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Former Gettysburg College student sought in 2013 rape claim


An arrest warrant has been issued for a former Gettysburg College upperclassman accused of raping a freshman on campus nearly eight years ago.

The legal action against Ian Cleary, 28, also comes a year after his accuser, Shannon Keeler, now 26, says she received startling Facebook messages from him addressing the 2013 encounter that reopened the years-old case.

“So I raped you,” the message read. “I’ll never do it to anyone ever again… I need to hear your voice.”

Police are now on the hunt for Cleary, a former goalie on the college ice hockey team who was charged Tuesday with sexually assaulting Keeler in her dorm room after meeting her at an end-of-semester fraternity party.

“While I am moved to tears by this result, which I have waited for over seven years, I am mindful that this moment came because I went public with my story, which no survivor should have to do in order to obtain justice,” Keeler said in a statement to the Associated Press through her lawyer.

Gettysburg College campus
Authorities in Pennsylvania filed an arrest warrant for a 2013 campus attack at Gettysburg University on June 29, 2021.
AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File

The affidavit filed along with the warrant says police got a search warrant for Cleary’s Facebook account to link him to the Facebook messages through a matching cellphone number.

Cleary, who was a junior at the time, left the college after that semester, ending the school’s Title IX investigation, Keeler has said.

He is a resident of Saratoga, California, but appears to have recently spent time in Europe — and authorities said their search for him may span overseas.

Shannon Keeler
Before and after the attack, Shannon Keeler followed the protocols designed to prevent campus sex assaults or address them when they happen.
AP Photo

The case against him was reopened last year by the Gettysburg Police Department after Keeler handed over a flurry of new Facebook messages she said was from her alleged rapist.

Keeler always felt she had a strong case, gathering evidence that included witnesses at the frat party, frantic texts seeking help, hospital rape exam and a statement from a male friend who escorted her home from the party to keep her safe.

The testimony says Cleary followed them and offered $20 to leave him alone with Keeler.

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The affidavit filed along with the warrant says police got a search warrant for Ian Cleary’s Facebook account.
AP Photo/Richard Drew, File
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