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Florida’s cannabis patients with the best quality cannabis flower

GOLDLEAF was established to provide Florida’s cannabis patients with the best quality cannabis flower, oils and edibles, paired with an unparalleled retail environment. It provides the patients with a luxurious store experience, white glove delivery and customized customer service. They use sustainable and organic techniques that allow them to tend to the cannabis plants with utmost care throughout the process. Currently, Goldleaf is the only organic cannabis cultivator in Florida. Their products can be experienced in their state-of-the-art retail store in Sebring. White Glove delivery is also offered across 15 central Florida counties and just expanded to South Florida, in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.


Cannabis is consciously cultivated by using organic living soil and live microorganisms which are helpful for pest control. During the cultivation process, various techniques of climate and light-controlled greenhouse are used. This allows each strain to reach its maximum potential. There is minimal drain wastage in the cultivation process. The team of growers responsible for cannabis cultivation has decades of experience developing over 300 proprietary genetics.

Goldleaf provides patients with a direct delivery service from its plantations in Mount Dara. This is where the retail store also receives its supplies. At the moment, 15 counties across Central Florida are being serviced which include Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, and now South Florida, Palm Beach and Broward. A second delivery and processing facility became functional in June 2023 in Pompano. White Glove Delivery of Goldleaf arrives in a Tesla or Lexus. The delivery official is sharply dressed in a suit and a tie. For ease of payment, you can choose to pay on delivery or in-store pick-up. All major debit cards and credit cards are accepted. Goldleaf offers a wide range of products.


The unmatchable store experience is offered by Goldleaf. The moment you enter the store, you can experience luxury and premium services. Tailored customer service is provided. The staff is knowledgeable and equipped to guide you, and provide the required information. To enhance the retail experience, complimentary services are also given. Some of the complimentary services are fresh-made fruit-infused water, expertly crafted displays and a phone concierge service that will provide you with personalized recommendations. At the store, there are personal shopping assistants, who are ready to guide you. Educational resources are also available in the store. There is also a VIP lounge area. The store was set up to create an atmosphere to enhance the experience of the products.


Customer service is readily available from Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 9pm. Delivery reservations are dependent on the delivery address. Delivery is made daily to Lake County, Polk County, Sumter County, Sarasota County and Orange County. Palm Beach and Broward Counties were new additions in June 2023, where delivery is made on Friday and Saturday. Throughout 2023, Goldleaf will continue to expand its operations, adding Miami next.


Goldleaf was established to provide patients with premium-quality cannabis products. Some of the products that are currently being offered include flowers, pre-rolls, solventless concentrates and solventless vapes. In the coming months, the product line will continue to expand with more products and brands. This will include distillate vapes, solventless and distillate gummies, hash coins and other requests from patients.



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