'Finally I understand!' Driving instructor decodes road sign leaving Britons 'confused'

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What do these commonly misunderstood road signs mean?

A white circular sign with a single black diagonal stripe through it

This means the national speed limit applies. It means all previous speed limits no longer count. However, it doesn’t mean the same speed everywhere. In a built-up area, it means 30mph. On a single carriageway, it means 60mph for cars and 50 for vans or towing cars and on a motorway, it means 70mph for cars and 60 for vans or towing cars.

A red cross over a blue background

This is a commonly misunderstood sign. It means you are not allowed to stop your car in this area, even to pick people up.

A single diagonal red stripe on a blue background

This sign looks similar to the last but it means something a little different. This sign means “no waiting”. Here, you may pick someone up or drop them off but not wait any longer.

Rectangular blue sign with a large white arrow and a small red arrow pointing in opposite directions

This means you have priority over vehicles coming the opposite way. It is usually used on narrow roads.

Red circular sign with two cars, the left one black, and the right one red

This sign means “no overtaking”. It’s displayed in areas where overtaking comes with a high risk of a crash.

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