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'EU's talking rubbish!' Britons FURIOUS as Brussels fails in court row with AstraZeneca


The pharmaceutical company welcomed a court decision that found the EU does not have exclusive rights or priority over vaccine jabs manufactured by the company. Following the decision, Britons revelled in the EU’s failed court battle with the Anglo-Swedish drug company. Commenting on the Express.co.uk story, one person said: “Take that Remainers!

“The EU talking rubbish, threatening the peace in NI over article 16 and they didn’t have a leg to stand on!

“VDL proving she’s incompetent, and now a thief stealing AZ vaccines off Australia with no justification in law. I hope they sue the EU now.”

A second person said: “AstraZeneca can now counter sue the EU for billions in damages for reputation and false accusations.”

A third said: “Now the world can see how incompetent the EU really are, and shown so by their own court. I bet it hurts!”

The EU initiated court proceedings against the company amid a row over a shortfall of vaccine doses to the bloc.

Brussels had also accused the company of using plants on the continent to fulfil its supplies to the UK rather than upholding obligations made to the Commission.

The company was expected to supply 300 million doses to the EU in the first six months of the year but was forced to scale back delivery due to production issues.

The EU had sought a court order to ensure AstraZeneca delivered 120 million vaccine doses by the end of June.

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“AstraZeneca has fully complied with its agreement with the European Commission and we will continue to focus on the urgent task of supplying an effective vaccine, which we are delivering at no profit to help protect people in Europe and around the world from the deadliest pandemic in a generation.”

The EU also welcomed the judge’s decision and insisted the company had failed to match its obligations to the bloc.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “This decision confirms the position of the Commission: AstraZeneca did not live up to the commitments it made in the contract.

“It is good to see that an independent judge confirms this.

“This shows that our European vaccination campaign not only delivers for our citizens day by day.

“It also demonstrates, that it was founded on a sound legal basis.”

The judgement also acknowledged the company had suffered severe difficulties in producing and exporting vaccines.

The company reiterated its desire to work with the EU to access key vaccine supplies at no profit for AstraZeneca.

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